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Do you have trouble remembering what you read?

If the answer to the question above is yes then this is the online course for you. 

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I'm here to help guide you so you can use the best reading strategies. Let me explain more below.

The Problem With Most Online Courses About Reading 

Unlike this course, other reading courses online focus on speed reading and retention.

First, I have not once seen a course like this one that focuses first on the most important thing you have in your possession.
Your lifelong learning mindset.

Without this, any of the actions you take will not have as much potential power.

Second, I have never seen a reading course help you know exactly what to remember from a book. Books are vast and sometimes it's hard to decide what to remember and how to apply the takeaways. This course does.

It's impractical to try and remember and apply everything which is what most people try to do. This course will teach you the best way to approach this problem.

Lastly, I have never seen a reading course focus on strategies for taking action on the knowledge you learn from the books you read.

The reason for reading nonfiction books is either to help you solve a problem or to peak your interests. Either way, if you don't know how to take action then reading is almost pointless!

If this is something you need help with then now is your chance.

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Course Structure

9 Lessons


A success mindset is one of the fundamental skills you need in order to achieve Your BIG Goal. In this module, you'll learn several skills such as the power of now, defeating nasty labels, and how journaling will prepare you for your lifelong learning journey.


This is where you'll learn what's in store for the entire course and how you can take full advantage of it.

Lesson 1: The Lifelong Learning Mindset & Your BIG Goal

This lesson focuses on learning for a lifetime and what Your BIG Goal is.


Lesson 2: Don’t Avoid Failure. Face it!

What is your fear and how can you overcome it? That's what this lesson will teach you how to do.


Lesson 3: Never Stop Learning

No matter how young or old you are, never stop learning. Look at people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett who are well beyond 50 and still read a lot on a daily basis. You can also be like them or even better if you really want to. Learn how in this lesson.


Lesson 4: Fear of Being Labeled

Everything everyone says has some sort of impact on you. Sometimes those impacts stick and other times they don't. This lesson gives you the tools to overcome the bad labels of your past and replace them with positive ones.


Lesson 5: Journaling

Journaling is one of the best tools you can use for self-therapy and idea generation. The benefits of journaling are almost endless. Find out how to take full advantage of it in this lesson.


Lesson 6: Here and Now (The Power of Now)

Learn how to use the power of now to achieve your full focus and potential. This tip applies not only to reading but anything in your life.


Lesson 7: Believe You're Possible

If you believe you're possible then you can achieve anything you're truly good at. This lesson will give you tips on how to believe more in yourself and your capabilities.


Lesson 8: Surround Yourself With the Best People

You've heard the saying, 'You're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.' - Jim Rohn In this lesson you will learn how to leverage and help the people around you and what type of person you should spend the most time with.

5 Lessons


The productivity module is designed to help you build up strong habits in all areas of your life including reading and avoid bad habits like procrastination. It also touches on some unique perspectives like hobbies and time for rest to help you avoid burnout, unlike so many people who say hustling is the best way to get ahead.

Lesson 9: Habits

Your habits are what will make or break you in the long-run. In this lesson, you will learn how I go about building strong habits and how you can too.

Lesson 10: Procrastination

Procrastination is the killer of everything. In this lesson you will learn tools to help you kill your procrastination before it kills you.

Lesson 11: Use Blocks of Time

The strategy of blocking comes in extremely useful when being productive. Multitasking is a myth. Blocking actually works.

Lesson 12: Pursue a Hobby

Hobbies have so much more value than you now give them. Learn why and how you can leverage hobbies to help you reach Your BIG Goal.

Lesson 13: Time for Rest

One of the only ways to stay productive for the long-term is to give yourself some time to rest. Recharge your batteries. Get back up on your horse with a fresh mind and body before you tumble and fall. Taking rest is essential to your success.

15 Lessons


This module is packed full of useful insights to help you reach Your BIG Goal. It is the biggest module for the biggest reason. It's going to help you grow. Reading is going to help you have an advantage over so many other people. 


Let's get you started off on the right foot by telling you exactly what is in store for the Study Module.

Lesson 14: Set Your Reading Habits and Priorities

Like in the productivity module, habits are one of the most important things you can have in your life. Having a reading habit is just as important since it is your fuel to get you started on your lifelong learning success. Priorities are also just as important. This lesson will get you thinking and started down the right path.

Lesson 15: Reading with Purpose and Priority

Having a purpose while reading is going to help you go so much further than if you read randomly. This lesson will teach you how to read with purpose and set your priorities straight so you can reach Your BIG Goal.

Lesson 16: Always Question

People who ask the right questions will get great answers. The better questions you ask yourself while reading the more you'll be able to remember and learn. This lesson will teach you some strategies on how and why to ask questions.

Lesson 17: How to Choose Books That Won’t Waste Your Time or Money

You only have a finite amount of time each day to read a book. It's important to be able know exactly how to pick a books that will not waste your time or money. In this lesson you will learn exactly how.

Lesson 18: Don’t Waste Your Time (When to Stop Reading a Book)

Sometimes you are book filter fails. A book that you may not like slips through the cracks. In this lesson you will learn when to stop reading a book so you can save your time for a better one.

Lesson 19: What to Remember

Everyone knows how to read a book. But not everyone knows how to read a book deeply. But first you need to know what to look for in a book. In this lesson you will learn strategies to know exactly what to look for in a book that way you can remember it a whole lot better than before.

Lesson 20: On Taking Notes

In this lesson you will learn the best strategies for taking notes well so you can remember what you read.

Lesson 21: How to Remember What You Read

This is an extremely powerful lesson about how to remember what you read. A lot of things go into remembering what you read. It takes a whole lot of brainpower as well. In this lesson you will learn exactly how to remember what you read which will last you a lifetime.

Lesson 22: Be a Demanding Reader

One of the only ways to challenge yourself is to be demanding. Being a demanding reader means that you are stretching yourself just enough to prevent yourself from stagnating. Learning how to be a demanding reader can also help you be demanding in all areas of your life.

Lesson 23: Read Multiple Books About the Same Topic

If you stop at one it's not enough. Reading multiple books about a topic that is of great interest to you is extremely important for your progress. You won't be just reading multiple books about any topic. It will be books that are specifically geared towards helping you reach Your BIG Goal.

Lesson 24: Write/Video Reviews

There are great benefits to writing and filming video reviews. In this lesson you will learn what the benefits are and how to do this it well.

Lesson 25: Share With Others

Sharing with others is not only good for your memory but also for the people around you. The feeling of sharing what you've learned through the books you've read and the experiences you've had is an amazing one. In this lesson, you will learn how you can go about sharing and the potential impact you can have on this world by doing so.

Lesson 26: How to Finish a Book

Sometimes you lose momentum on a book yet you want to finish it because it is actually good. In this lesson you will learn how to push through procrastination to get to the end of the book.

Lesson 27: Don’t Get Stuck in the Study Stage (Analysis Paralysis)

Analysis paralysis the most dangerous situation you can find yourself in that prevents you from reaching Your BIG Goal. In this lesson you will learn exactly how to spot analysis paralysis, how to get out of it, and how to stay out of it.

5 Lessons


This module is where you take everything that you've learned so far, put it into a plan so that you can then take action on it. All the elements are starting to come together.

Lesson 28: Brain Dump

A brain dump is very similar to journaling yet more focused on actionable plans. In this lesson you will learn each step in doing your own brain dump.

Lesson 29: To-do List

You will learn exactly how to use a to-do list to its full potential using Your BIG Goal as a guide to what will go on this list.

Lesson 30: Stray Ideas

Have you ever had that lightbulb moment? All the sudden this idea pops into your head from seemingly out of nowhere? Well, ideas don't just pop out of nowhere. There is a pattern to them. In this lesson you will find out what to do with those stray ideas when they come to you and how you can actually cultivate them so they come more frequently.

Lesson 31: Plan to Experiment With What You Learn

You are taking in crap loads of information all the time especially with all the nonfiction books you have been reading. What do you do with all those ideas? Learn how to identify the ideas in the books you are reading and experiment with them. This lesson will teach you my strategy in applying new experiments.

Lesson 32: Your BIG Goal: Warren Buffett’s 5/25 Rule

If you have been having trouble finding what Your BIG Goal is, then this lesson will help you to narrow down your focus as well as take a look at maybe some of the other goals you might want to focus on after you have finished Your BIG Goal.

7 Lessons


The Action module is one of the most important modules in this course as it will combine everything you've learned so far and actually help you to put it out into the world. Taking action is actually going to help you succeed at what you are reaching towards.


This principle is the most important principle of all because anything without action is practically nothing. However, one of the mistakes that most people make is neglecting all the other principles, especially the Study one. But you are different because you know that all the principles play on each other. One without the other makes the big picture incomplete. Now let's get you into the mode of action so you can take everything you've learned so far and make it get to work.

Lesson 33: Just Start, Find Answers, and Take Action Step-by-Step

One of the best teachers in your life is going to be the experience you have out there in the real world. Reading and studying can only get you so far, and if you do nothing with the plans you make then you will definitely go nowhere. This lesson will teach you that taking that first step is one of the hardest, but once you get beyond that it becomes a whole lot easier.

Lesson 34: 10% Wins

Now you're out there already taking action on what you've learned and planned. But you want to get more out of your everyday productivity and daily habits. The 10% Wins is a strategy I learnt from Cadence by Pete Williams which is going to help you to compound your success in every area of your life.

Lesson 35: Find a Mentor or Take an Online Course

There is bound to be a point in your life where you come to a plateau. Studying on your own can only get you so far, yes, you could experiment until you succeed, but that may not be the most effective way. In this lesson, you will learn why mentors and online courses could be your way out of a plateau you're in and what to look for the best ones available.

Lesson 36: Teach What You Learn

Teaching is actually the best teacher. If you get out there and you start your own online course, or become a mentor and teach people the skills you have learned you will solidify what you've already learnt and become better at it. In this lesson you will learn the best strategies and things you can do to teach well.

Lesson 37: Consistency and Persistence is Key

The two things that will help you to drive forward towards Your BIG Goal are going to be consistency and persistence. If you are able to learn these two factors and implement them in your life always, you are bound to reach what you are going towards.

Lesson 38: Hold Yourself Accountable

In this lesson you will learn how to hold yourself accountable whether it be by joining an accountability group or some revised productivity hat to avoid procrastination. Holding yourself accountable is probably one of the most motivating factors to getting things done.

2 Lessons


Everything you've learned in this course will stick with you for a lifetime. All the mindset and productivity strategies, the study strategies, planning strategies, and action strategies will help you reach Your BIG Goal. It's now time to repeat the process, because lifelong learning never stops.

Lesson 39: Continue the Cycle

This is not the end, it is just the beginning. Although you are finishing up this course, your lifelong learning journey does not end here. I have taught you the tools to better yourself, to move yourself forward. These tools, you can continue to use. Use them anywhere and everywhere to continue the cycle of lifelong learning.

Lesson 40: Pass it On

You have learnt a whole lot in this course. In this lesson, I would like to talk about passing what you've learnt on to more people. It is my belief that the more understanding people in this world become, the better the world will be. If everyone were to take up the reins of lifelong learning it would make a huge difference in the way the world is run right now. I passed this knowledge on to you so that you can pass this knowledge onto others. Together, we can make the world a better place.

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