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At Universitas Kristen Petra starting to speak in front of the audience.

Universitas Kristen Petra – Let’s Speak Up

On May 5th, 2018, at Universitas Kristen Petra Mr. Matt Hutson came to give an amazing presentation and workshop to the accounting faculty’s students and professors. This workshop event had the theme called “Let’s Speak Up” and we found Mr. Matt Hutson through his website, bookmattic.com. We decided to invite Mr. Matt Hutson as our speaker. Mr. Matt Hutson gave a presentation about how to improve communication skills, especially for presentations. His message fulfilled the purpose of this event at Universitas Kristen Petra with all his passion.


On the day of the event, Mr. Matt Hutson delivered a presentation about how to deliver an amazing presentation and showed us how to use stories to carry the facts, statistics, and examples of a presentation. All the participants of the workshop were very enthusiastic to hear the presentation because Mr. Matt Hutson made it very interesting.

universitas kristen petra

After Mr. Matt Hutson delivered the presentation, all the participants participated in a workshop session while him and his team guided the workshop session’s participants by giving all 200 participants some tips, explanations, and suggestions on how to improve themselves in their ability to communicate.


We recommend Mr. Matt Hutson

Mr. Matt Hutson gave a great example of how to deliver an amazing presentation and it showed from the way he delivered it. We learned a lot from some of the points that he taught us. The points that really stood out were vital for us such as how to know your audience, interacting with them, knowing the venue, preparation of the presentation, our voice, intonation, and most importantly telling personalized stories to connect emotionally with the audience.


We are really grateful here at Universitas Kristen Petra that we had the chance to hear Mr. Matt Hutson’s presentation and also getting a chance to experience some of his advice personally. Once again thank you so much Mr. Matt Hutson and his team for making this presentation and workshop happen. We know all the participants could feel the impact of this workshop and would recommend Mr. Matt Hutson for any of your events.


Thank you,