Build up a daily reading and success habits with The SPAR Mastermind Accountability Group

Having trouble keeping yourself accountable? The SPAR Mastermind Accountability Group is designed to help you reach your daily goals. No more failing or procrastinating because you will have a group of close-knit people at your side the whole way.

Note: At the bottom of this page is a survey. Please fill it out to join The SPAR Mastermind Accountability Group. 

Down below answers these various FAQs why this accountability group exists, what it is, how it works, and how to sign up.


Why does The SPAR Mastermind Accountability Group exist?

Going it alone can be quite difficult when you’re working on a difficult task like building your own website, preparing for a university thesis, applying for a new job in another state or country, or opening up a new business. Whatever your case is, you need to stay accountable in order to succeed at what you want to accomplish.


That’s why I have created The SPAR Mastermind Accountability Group which will put you in a WhatsApp group of a maximum of ten people. Each WhatsApp group is curated to fit your personal background and goals. The members of each group will be from all around the world.


These groups are not only designed to keep you accountable but also to help you build your network with like-minded people who have at least one thing in common with you: To become more accountable and successful.


What is The SPAR Mastermind Accountability Group?

It is an accountability group on WhatsApp. It focuses on helping you to take what you’re reading, combine the relevant takeaways with Your BIG Goal, make a plan and take action on a daily basis. The concept comes from The SPAR Framework in The 6 Principles of Lifelong Learning. SPAR stands for Study, Plan, Action Repeat. You can check out some of the other useful services and online courses here.


Let me explain how it works below.


How does it work?

  1. When you fill out the contact form below I will send you terms and conditions as well as a survey to put you in an appropriate group.
  2. Once you agree to the terms and conditions and fill out the survey you will then be sent a PayPal invoice which you will receive monthly in order to stay an active member.
  3. When you have paid I will put you in the appropriate Mastermind Accountability Group where you can introduce Your BIG Goal, where you’re from and anything else you’d like the other members to know.


Inside The SPAR Mastermind Accountability Group

There are six focuses in your accountability group.

-Your BIG Goal

What is the project(s) you are working on right now? This is the type of project that might take a while for you to be able to accomplish.


-Your Daily Plan

What are the daily actions you are going to take in order to reach Your BIG Goal? These are the tasks your accountability group will hold you accountable for.


-What You Read

Daily reading is required in this accountability group. What is it that you’re reading right now to help you reach Your BIG Goal?


-The Daily Takeaway

Every day you will mention just one takeaway you will try to implement in your life. If there wasn’t one then you can mention something which made you think.


-How You Implement It

How are you going to use the daily takeaway in your life? Make a simple commitment.


-Your Digital Well-Being

In the morning of every day, you will share a screenshot of the Digital Well-Being tracker on your phone. You will then state what you can improve on whether it be less time on YouTube or more time on a productive app like Evernote or Google Docs.


How can I sign up?

If you think all of the above strategies for accountability will be beneficial for you then give it a try.

The monthly investment is less than a subscription to Netflix but much more powerful. It’s only $7.99 per month.


It’s just a little more than one coffee at Starbucks. Yet with this accountability group, it’s not a caffeine high that gets you pumped, it’s the daily excitement and support you get from staying committed to your goals and getting to know some fantastic individuals from all over the world.


Now that’s what I call value! So please set yourself up for success and sign up for The SPAR Mastermind Accountability Group now.


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