This is the Personal Development Workshop designed to get you off your ass prepared with tools to apply what you learn and take action on it

The SPAR Personal Development Workshop is the full-fledged live version of The 6 Principles of Lifelong Learning Online Course. It’s bound to help you and your organization to get the most out of each individual’s performance because it works on the fundamental aspects of learning, planning and taking action through The SPAR Framework.


Why was The SPAR Framework created?

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The SPAR Framework is the foundation you need to help you take what you learn, put it into a plan, and take calculated action toward your big goal. Honestly, most people do not know how to take the knowledge they learn and then apply the most important aspects. Without the proper learning and planning strategy, their actions will be aimless.


That’s why I have created The SPAR Framework. I saw that there was a problem not just in the education system but also for adults working hard to pay their bills to feed their families and climb the ladder or build their own businesses. It’s a problem that many people have tried to solve but haven’t been completely successful yet. I want to change that.


Why choose Matt Hutson to be your Personal Development Workshop Facilitator?

I have had more than five years of purposeful experimentation on how to get the most out of the books I read. This personal development workshop, among other services you might see on this site, is the result, and now I want to pass my knowledge on to you.


I have ten years of experience teaching kids, teenagers, and adults English in Indonesia with a focus on reading comprehension skills and another four years of experience speaking in front of large audiences honing my public speaking skills to help the participants get the most out of the program.

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Last, but not least, I’m extremely purposeful about what I want to give to my audience. I’m here to give as much as I can to help improve the lives of the people who attend the event. With my experience and your commitment, there is no doubt that you and your students, organization, employees or business will benefit right now and in the long-term.


Who is The SPAR Framework for?

The content of this personal development workshop has a basic concept but complex parts. Therefore, it is for people who have their mind set on improving their personal and professional life. They should be committed to learning how they can not only improve themselves but also the people and organizations around them.


Having a successful team of people in any type of organization whether it’s a school or a business requires every member to be competent. Applying The SPAR Framework will ensure the long-term success of both individuals and organizations.

The framework works for everyone listed below but not limited to:

  • University students
  • Organizations/NGOs
  • Communities
  • Employees
  • Management
  • Small businesses
  • Entrepreneurs


What’s included in the Personal Development Workshop?

The Personal Development Workshop is based on The 6 Principles of Lifelong Learning Online Course which includes the two foundational aspects: Mindset and Productivity and The SPAR Framework: Study, Plan, Action, Repeat. All participants will learn how to build up a strong mindset and productivity skills through practical individual and group exercises. They will also learn how to use the framework to their advantage in both their personal and professional life. This is so that they can reach their big goals. Below is a basic summary of what The SPAR Framework looks like.

personal development keynote speaker the spar framework

Here’s how the program plays out:

The amount of time allotted for the workshop is 8 hours including breaks and lunch. Each segment will focus on a different aspect of The 6 Principles of Lifelong Learning: Mindset, Productivity, Study, Plan, Action, Repeat. Here’s a list of exercises each segment will include.


-Here and Now

-The Four Forces

-Your BIG Goal

-Erase Labels


-Top 5 People



-Habits + and –

-Time Blocking

-Clarity in Action

-Pursue a Hobby

-Time for Rest



-Set Your Reading Goals and Priority

-Active and Purposeful Reading


-What to Remember

-How to Remember

-Asking Questions and Having a Conversation with the Author

-Deeper Study

-Fast and Slow Reading



-Brain Dump

-To-Do List

-Stray Ideas

-Warren Buffett’s 5/25 Rule



-Experiment With Action

-Teach What You Learn

-Hold Yourself Accountable



-Tying everything together

-Online Course

-Call For Help


As your workshop facilitator, it is my duty and honor to be able to guide the participants every step of the way so they can take what they learn during the workshop and use it for a lifetime. The points I listed above are just the tip of the iceberg and a lot to cover even in just one day of working hard to become a better person and organization.


If you want a shorter event check out The SPAR Personal Development Keynote Speaker


Here’s how to help your organization reach its full potential

It’s simple, fill out the contact form below if you believe your organization will benefit from this workshop. When you fill out the form I will then contact you by email and set up a free consultation either by meeting in person if you’re located in Surabaya, Indonesia, or Zoom if you’re located somewhere else.


Your investment for your organization in The SPAR Personal Development Workshop will include:

  1. Accommodation if outside Surabaya
  2. Only transportation if in Surabaya
  3. Fee for the event

A Pack: $4,989.99 for a group of 800+

B Pack: $4,289.99 for a group of 500-800

C Pack: $3,369.99 for a group of 200-500

D Pack: $2,899.99 for a group of 120-200

E Pack: $2,099.99 for a group of 100-120

F Pack: $1,889.99 for a group of 50-100

G Pack: $1,149.99 for a group of 15-50


Fill in the contact form below to set up your FREE Consultation through Zoom.


The SPAR Personal Development Program available online using Zoom!

If your organization (class, employees, etc.) are located far away and you don’t have the budget for flying me to your location, then I offer an online version of The SPAR Personal Development Keynote Speaker Program which is much more condensed than the workshop but still packs a powerful punch for your organization’s development. You can hold this event from the comfort of your school, office, or even home. Check out the details below.


Here’s your investment plan:

A Pack: $149.99 for a group of 100

B Pack: $99.99 for a group of 50-100

C Pack: $69.99 for a group of 15-50


I’m excited to be able to get a chance to help you and your organization out. If you have any questions about how this program works please contact me at or fill in the contact form below for your FREE Consultation.


All payments are payable by PayPal or (Wire)transfer.


If you’d like to request Matt’s services as the facilitator of The SPAR Personal Development Workshop, please fill out the Contact Form below for a FREE Consultation and Matt will return your message as soon as he can.


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