Nonfiction Book Promotions at Their Best

Marketing your book can be extremely difficult no matter whether you self-published your book or were published by a bigger publishing house. With BookMattic nonfiction book promotions, you can get your book in front of the eyes of Matt’s growing list of 19,059 Lifelong Learning Followers.

Here it is broken down by platform:


I will always cross-promote your nonfiction book on each platform with a completely honest reflection of your book. That means you’re getting your book in front of thousands of potential buyers of your book.


Another positive on top of the above is the fact that your book will be on my bookshelf. How is that a positive? Well, I often post pictures of my stacks of books either by genre or color of the cover. Your book could show up in a future monthly live video or even make it onto my list of Best Nonfiction Books of the Year.


So you’re not only getting the direct promotion during and after I read your book, but also residual promotions through future pictures and videos. Now that’s a deal no author should give up.


Here what to expect from my reviews and the types of nonfiction books the BookMattic Lifelong Learners want to see:

The 19k followers are very interested in buying books like Atomic Habits by James Clear or Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday. But they don’t want to just see mainstream books on the bestsellers list, they also want to see more unheard of books by independent authors and publishers.


As I will be taking the time to read and dissect the takeaways in your book and share them with my followers, I want to make sure the book is well worth the time and effort for all parties.


I want to remind you that when I do nonfiction book promotions I always look for the most positive thing(s) in the book to share rather than focusing on the negative side. By the time I get to the end of your book, I will share my thoughts as a whole including constructive criticism and the positive takeaways.


Topics (in no particular order of importance and not limited to) the BookMattic Lifelong Learners are interested in:

  • Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Biography/Autobiography
  • Communication/Public Speaking
  • Economy
  • Education/Parenting
  • Habits/Goals/Success
  • Heath/Science
  • History
  • Learning/Reading Strategies
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Poverty
  • Psychology
  • Relationships
  • Religious/Spiritual
  • Startups
  • Technology
  • Writing

I know it’s a huge range of topics! After all, reading is my life and the BookMattic Lifelong Learners come from various backgrounds so I want to provide them the best list of books I possibly can.


Promo Package For Nonfiction Book Promotions

I’ve created packages focused on Instagram and since most of my following stems from there. You can pick and choose which options work best for the type of promotion you want from the list below.


Take a look:

  • $50 for two feed posts ($15 for a third post)
  • $30 for one video ($18 for a second one)
  • $30 for one SEO Optimized Blog Article
  • $12 for each story with a swipe up link of your choice (clarify how many you want)


Now those are some great deals! I hope it makes sense, but if for some reason it doesn’t I’ll give you an example:

Hi Matt,

I’ve decided that for my book promotion, I’d like to get the following options:

-$50 Two feed posts

-$36 Three stories with a swipe up to my Amazon link


The point here is you can mix and match any of the options together to get your desired results.


Get the cover and some of the best takeaways from your book out in front of the eyes of thousands of nonfiction book lovers.


Message me using the contact form below with all the relevant information including the nonfiction book promotions package options you have decided on. We will then discuss other details about your book and any other questions you might have.

Write a brief synopsis of the book you’d like to have reviewed and any other further details you’d like Matt to know. He will return your message in less than 24 hours.