SOLO: Survival Guide for Freelancers by Palle Schmidt

26 November 2019


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SOLO guide for freelancers

SOLO: Survival Guide for Freelancers by Palle Schmidt

Solo by Palle Schmidt is a great introductory guide for freelancers. It was well written for anyone who is interested in starting their own creative freelance business and a nice refresher, with several new ideas sprinkled here and there for a veteran freelancer.


As always, whenever I read self-help, nonfiction, or business books, I look for the personal insights the author has to offer. Schmidt has tons of them throughout this book. Some of the insights are quite obvious but others you wouldn’t know about unless you’ve actually practiced the game. So it’s great to see that Schmidt knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to freelancing because he’s experienced it firsthand and is able to pass it to us in an easily understandable format. 


He does a great job of blending his experience and creation of graphic novels along with a general guide for freelancers of any type. In a 200+ page book, he is able to pack in a lot of information without being too confusing. That’s good writing there.


Other things to think about this guide for freelancers

SOLO is truly for a freelancer. It’s not for someone who wants to build a bustling business with dozens to hundreds of employees. There are plenty of other books about building a big business. This is not one of those. And that’s okay, there are actually way too many books about building big businesses. Not all of us want to build big businesses. So it’s actually quite refreshing to see ideas about how to run your own solopreneur or freelancing business.


In this book, you will learn everything from how to network in person and on social media as well as how to do simple finances and budgeting. Although Schmidt is not an expert when it comes to any of these he at least has experience. If you have none, it’s better to learn a little something then nothing at all.


One last thing

I really also loved the email templates that Schmidt included. If you had the digital copy you could just copy and paste these email templates when you want to contact or refuse someone about a job. Of course, you would have to edit some of the templates but it’s there for you in the first place.


The artwork throughout the book is very attractive and makes me want to read Schmidt’s graphic novels. If you ever do want to read his graphic novels, he makes it very clear on where you can buy them. He includes his website and the titles of his novels.


If you’re looking to start freelancing buy this book in the link below.


Buy SOLO: Survival Guide for Freelancers by Palle Schmidt

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