What would happen to the world if everyone read books?

The question is not a question many people ask themselves let alone others. The only people who do ask this question are people who love reading or entrepreneurs who know how impactful self-development books can be. Are you one of those people? Do the average person, government officials, and educators even think about the answer to my question? Do they even realize how much better the world would be if everyone read books?


Most of them don’t know. Maybe you don’t know either. Maybe you know but don’t know how to help other people to develop themselves to be better. It would be too hard to do that, wouldn’t it? But it’s not too hard. You only make it hard because you’ve got many other things going on in your life right now and don’t have enough time to help others develop. That’s completely understandable. Don’t feel ashamed because most people are like that. But this needs to change in order for the world to get better. What you can do to become your best self is to focus on improving yourself first before you even thinking about starting to help other people.


When you develop your overall self you should aim not just to be better but to be the best you can be. No, I’m not recruiting for the American Army. I’m recruiting you to spread the message of self-development through reading books. I’m recruiting you to help the world to be the best it can be one person at a time.


The Proof is Already Around You

if everyone read books billionaires

Look at every successful entrepreneur that we all know for a great example of how you can be if you read books and take action with what you read. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and the list goes on. Each one of them became financially successful because they educated themselves through reading! It wasn’t because they got a degree from Harvard. Degrees don’t matter in that sense. It was because they read. If everyone read books regularly we would have a world full of Musks and Gates. Having a world full of Musks and Gates wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Just with this proof alone don’t you think it would be worth it if everyone read books?


The Important Question is Who You Want to Be

You all have the potential to be like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Elon Musk but do you really want to have their lifestyle? I personally do but not everyone is like me or those guys. Some of you may just want to glide by in life, work for someone, and earn enough to support your family. That’s not enough! Go ahead and work for someone, but you still need to develop yourself through reading.


Whether you want to live a billionaire lifestyle or not you still owe it to your family and the world to develop yourself. It is completely up to you how you live your life. But it’s of the utmost importance to our future generations that YOU develop yourself to be the best you can be whether you’re aiming to be a billionaire or not. By developing yourself, you are setting an example for the younger generations.


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One thing I want you to think about as reading this post is what parts of your life do you think would benefit from reading a self-development book? In other words, I want you to write down the aspects of your life you think need improvement, then research on Google for the best books on that topic then buy the book. Buy books according to what you need to improve on in your own life. Read it, study it, take notes then start improving the other parts of your life as well. As Henry Ford said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”


How would improving yourself improve the world? Let’s get to the answer!


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If Everyone Read Books – Down to the Nitty-Gritty

In my previous article about starting my self-development movement and stopping poverty in Indonesia and around the world I go into details about the causes of poverty and how we can solve it. My solution is far from the ‘solve all’ solution but it’s at least a step further than before. I strongly believe if you started developing yourself through reading books and taking action to improve your working environment, home and possibly communities around you then you will first see a difference being made in your own life which will carry over to others around you.


Especially if you help others to realize the power of self-development. You must become more empathetic toward the less fortunate not just by feeling bad for them and tossing them some money but by investing your time and knowledge in them. You can surely figure out a way to help them through the creative and innovative ways you learn from the books you read. Tossing money is not going to help in the long run. And you are not going to help yourself in the long run if you don’t help others.


Down below I mention just a few of the benefits the Earth would gain if everyone read books.


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What would really change if everyone read books?

if everyone read books peace

Point 1.  Reading books is a simple action. Simple or small actions more often than not have big impacts. This is why I think my simple action of encouraging you to read and develop yourselves can basically cause a chain reaction of self-development through reading books. And just like The Power of Habit explains when you fix one habit or routine and replace it with a better one, other parts of your life will become better. If other parts of your life become better, you then can focus on helping your friends and family around you to do the same.


Point 2.  If more people read books innovation would increase exponentially. The world’s biggest problems would be solved at a much quicker rate.


Point 3.  Through the innovation of new technology and businesses comes more jobs. This will help the unemployed to find valuable jobs which can improve their quality of life.


Point 4.  Through self-development comes understanding. My goal since I was a child is to have world peace. In order to have peace, we must have understanding. To have understanding, we must read books with a purpose of improving ourselves. I believe self-development books are a solution to war and the coming of a peaceful and more understanding world where all of us work together regardless of race, religion, sex, or orientation.


Now, You Must Take Action!

Like I mentioned before, reading is simple. So I ask you to read.

First: If you want to help others, develop yourself first.

Second: If you read a book which turns out to be great help a friend by lending it to them.

The third thing you can do is take what you read and put it into action.


What can you do to help me with my self-development movement?

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