Learning after university is probably one of the most undervalued tools everyone has access to. So rather than stopping your studies after you graduate, why not continue the learning journey for a lifetime? Lifelong learning is the key to unlocking everything.

It’s the one thing that can bring relative peace to the world through understanding. It’ll also bring more innovation and collaboration than ever before. Learning is the tool a lot of us take for granted because we get sucked into a life of complacent mediocrity working from 9-5 for 40 years of our lives.

It’s now a better time than any other to take up the reins of lifelong learning especially because of job uncertainty. There is no guarantee your degree will land you the job you want. Taking the path of learning for a lifetime will give you multiple Plan B’s and open up multiple opportunities you wouldn’t normally experience if you you take the path of least resistance. Learning until the day you die is not easy, but it is the best path you can take.

In this article you’ll learn how and why you should apply my personal principles from my online course on the same topic. These principles will help you discover the genius within you.

Lifelong Learning is Believing

How are you ever going to accomplish anything if you don’t first believe in yourself?

The very first step to lifelong learning is clearing any previous negative labels you’ve accumulated over the years and turning them into positive ones. Most of the negative ones surprisingly come from your childhood. Some come from your constant inner voice.

You will be amazed at how destroying your bad labels and replacing them with positive ones will help you to progress toward any goal you set your sights on.

It’s time to stop saying such words like ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’m terrible at’ and start saying words like ‘I’m not able to do that yet’ then set your heart on achieving your goal.

Lesson 4 in The 6 Principles of Lifelong Learning goes into depth about how to break these labels.

Lifelong Learning is Reading

Reading is the tool that helped me to get on the path of lifelong learning. It’s a fundamental aspect of lifelong learning itself because there is no other better way to learn than through reading.

The problem most people have is lack of motivation to read because of ‘not having enough time‘ or not being able to remember what they read. This is a real problem because unfortunately we are never taught how to learn at school. We are taught to memorize.

The key here is to prioritize your time and read books that will actually help you solve a problem. There’s no sense in wasting your finite time on a book that isn’t going to help you reach Your BIG Goal 👈(watch free).

Lifelong Learning is Experimenting

Life is an experiment. Think about it. Each time you try something new it’s an experiment testing whether you want to continue doing it. Taking for example, trying out a new card game or going to a new destination on holiday. All of these are experiments. The only difference is we cannot redo the whole experiment.

Once your time is up, it’s up. So you have to make every experiment in your life worthy of your time, effort and money.

One way of optimizing your experiments is through lifelong learning. Lifelong learning is the key to unlocking your full potential to make each experiment worthy.

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Lifelong Learning is Teaching

One of the best ways to learn is through teaching. When you teach others it helps you to solidify what you have already learned. It also helps you to look at what you know from a different perspective.

You approach teaching with an open mind as to how to get the concept you are very good at into the mind of your student. This student doesn’t have to be a student at a school, it could be your colleague or a friend. You can find students everywhere you go, even sharing on social media counts as teaching.

So one thing I would love for you to do right now is find a way you can teach someone whether it be your children or by creating a social media profile 👈(whole lesson here about this topic in my online course) specifically about your expertise. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be about your expertise. It could be about something you are moderately good at but would like to get better. Teaching it to others will help you to do so.

Lifelong Learning is the Key to Taking Action

Action is the gas pedal. Without it, you will go nowhere in life. No matter how much knowledge you soak in, if you don’t do anything with it, then it’s practically useless.

But how do you take action? Like I mentioned before, you must treat life like an experiment. Every day you have to choose at least one thing in your schedule which will bring you closer to Your BIG Goal. That is your driving force.

At the beginning of every day ask yourself what you can do to help yourself progress.

Ask yourself at the end of every day whether you accomplished what you set out to do at the beginning of the day. Did you get the result you wanted? How could you improve the following day?

Most of All, It’s Continuing the Cycle

lifelong learning is the key spar

Lifelong learning is the key to continuing the cycle of not getting stuck in a life of mediocrity, going home after work and plopping yourself on the sofa for the rest of the night doing nothing of value. It’s the key to creating something of value for you, your family and even the world.

Through a lifelong learning mindset you will be living your life to the fullest.

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