Book Review

Mindful Communication for Happiness: Concise Book Review

The core messages of Mindful Communication for Happiness are solid. The thing that could have been done much better was the organization of the book. It’s a short book at...More...

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Tamed: Effective Self-Control Strategies in One Book

I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved reading this book about effective self-control strategies! In a certain aspect it is very similar to The Laws of Human...More...

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How to Take Smart Notes by Sonke Ahrens & My Zettelkasten Method

This isn’t just a book for students, academics, and nonfiction book writers. It’s a book for action-takers as well. More on this in a bit. How to Take Smart Notes...More...

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People Skills for Analytical Thinkers by Gilbert Eijkelenboom

Are you an analytical thinker? Do you ever get stuck when it comes to having a conversation with people at work or in social situations? Then I highly recommend reading...More...

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7 Steps to Have Young Joints Today – Book Review

Have you been experiencing joint pain? Younger Joints Today by Angela Cortal is a concise look into how you can improve the condition of your osteoarthritis. She gives you personal...More...

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Reframe the Day by Adam M. Lowenstein

Absolutely well written like a story engaging you through every page. Reframe the Day by Adam M. Lowenstein is amazing. He is a storyteller and is able to pass his...More...

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THISday by Philip Gabbard Book Review

The thing I loved about THISday by Philip Gabbard is its honesty. He did not conform to the traditional layout and spoke his mind as if writing in his journal,...More...

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The Content Fuel Framework 100+ Content Creations

The Content Fuel Framework has spunk and really teaches you how you can create 100+ pieces of content at once. Are you a content creator? If so, The Content Fuel Framework...More...

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SOLO: Survival Guide for Freelancers by Palle Schmidt

SOLO: Survival Guide for Freelancers by Palle Schmidt Solo by Palle Schmidt is a great introductory guide for freelancers. It was well written for anyone who is interested in starting...More...

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