25 Powerful Habits of a Successful Lifelong Learner

16 October 2020

To have habits of a successful lifelong learner can be a daunting thing to think about let alone live by. But it doesn’t have to be stressful or tiring. You’ve...More...

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3 Alternative Ways to Assess Student Achievement

22 October 2021

As a teacher for the past ten years, I have discovered that testing only touches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to assessing student achievement. Even when it...More...

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TEACH-NOW Teaching Certification E-Portfolio

25 June 2021

Hi, this is Matt Hutson here and this is my TEACH-NOW Teaching Certification E-Portfolio. During this program, I will be updating this page with different exercises the program instructor has...More...

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10 Ways to Escape Complacent Mediocrity Quickly

19 July 2020

“Whenever you’re faced with a major challenge, project, or assignment, you have a choice to make. You have a choice to skate by or to buckle down, work hard, and...More...

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4 Ways to Read Multiple Books At Once & Remember

24 June 2020

There are two reasons why you initially pick up a nonfiction book. The first is because it fascinated you. You are curious. The second is because it’s going to help...More...

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The #1 Thing School Didn’t Teach You

17 June 2020

You’d expect that after going to school for 12+ years you’d be able to get the job you’ve always desired, get married, have kids and buy a beautiful home with...More...

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Lifelong Learning is the Key to Everything

13 June 2020

Learning after university is probably one of the most undervalued tools everyone has access to. So rather than stopping your studies after you graduate, why not continue the learning journey...More...

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9 Critical Things to Look for in a Nonfiction Book

8 June 2020

Searching for the critical things to look for in a nonfiction book will help you to read deeper. The 9 Critical Things to Look for in a nonfiction book. Note...More...

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Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday & Alive Vs. Dead Time

23 May 2020

Have you ever lived a book? What does it mean to live a book? It means to take all the most important parts of the book relevant to your life...More...

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