What are the 7 benefits of exercise on the brain to help you succeed where others don’t?

Everyone out there is trying to accomplish their dreams and make their life better in some way or another whether it be picking up an old or new hobby, gaining more knowledge, starting their own business, or becoming fit. Having a fit body is essential to having a healthy brain as well. These 7 benefits of exercise in this post are meant to motivate you to get ahead of your game and avoid losing out on an opportunity to succeed in life.


Having a healthy body

Ever since I was little I loved running. It’s been one of those things which bring me joy and a rush. Of course, I still love running now, however, lately I have not been doing it. I’ve neglected my childhood hobby which, before, brought me a healthy body and mind.


I realize now how important staying on top of your health is.


Just this last week I had to stay in the hospital. I came down with a viral infection as well as lack of potassium which made it feel like I was having a heart attack. It was my own stupid fault for not looking after my own health. I got so excited about my business that I forgot to eat the right foods, sleep well and exercise.


Sometimes you get so caught up in what you’re doing that you forget about other aspects of life which are also very much important. 


So when I got home from the hospital the next day I was drained. I couldn’t even work on my laptop. All I could do was sleep and take care of myself until the sickness passed. It’s been four days since then and I’m finally back up on my computer with enough energy to work hard again without forgetting about my own body this time.


Some People Have it Much Worse

I was only out for four days, which now I consider lucky. There are people who have had it much worse because of their lack of self-care. My situation could have easily been avoided if I were more aware of my body’s own needs and I lost four days of my life because of it. I know now I’m definitely going to live my life smarter, and healthier.


For those of you that rarely exercise you have to seriously reconsider the possible negative outcome. Even if you don’t realize it now, the next day you might be laying on a hospital bed waiting to find out what’s wrong with you. You don’t want that no matter what profession you’re in. 


My negative situation turned into this lesson I now bring you in this post about the 7 benefits of exercise on not only your body but your overall well being.


Benefits of Exercise #1: Motivation 

benefits of exercise motivational quote

Usually, people think motivating yourself to is tough, but once you get going it actually becomes easy. Once you make it a habit which is actually not too hard to do if you know the formula from ‘The Power of Habit’ you’re on the right track literally if you’re a runner.


Once you get into the flow of exercising my personal belief that exercise actually motivates you in other parts of your life has been tested by The US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health in this 2012 article entitled ‘Exercise, Physical Activity and Self-Determination Theory: A Systematic Review’.


There’s mention in ‘The Power of Habit’ about Keystone Habits which start a chain reaction improving other aspects of your life. Exercising is a Keystone Habit. Therefore exercising essentially gives you motivation in other parts of your life.


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Benefits of Exercise #2: Stress Reduction

benefits of exercise stress reduction

You all know stress is a killer. No one likes stress at all. So why not reduce it by exercising on a regular basis?


It’s been a long-standing fact that exercise reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. So this fact may not be new but it’s here to encourage you to get off your ass and redeem the benefits of exercise.


Stress reduction is even more important for people who work long hours, have kids or run their own business. Exercise will keep you up and running for as many hours as you need to without feeling the drag of stress.


Benefits of Exercise #3: Faster Cognitive Capabilities

benefits of exercise cognitive capabilities

Exercises such as running or cycling help oxygen get to your brain which helps you to think better on your toes even after a long workout. Basically, anything that gets your heart pumping faster for at least 15-30 minutes per day for a beginner will help the oxygen flow in your body.


When you have more oxygen flowing throughout your whole body you’re more likely to generate more ideas quicker and more creatively when you’re working. When you’re doing a non-stop workout to get those juices flowing through your body and mind 3-4 times a week you’ll make the most out of your creativity at work. If you don’t have a lot of time in your schedule then at least try for 2 days minimum.


The benefits of exercise outweigh the negatives no doubt. Who wouldn’t want to become more efficient just by including exercise into their schedule?


Benefits of Exercise #4: Overall Happiness

benefits of exercise overall happiness

Have you ever felt the rush of endorphins running through your veins after a tough yet rewarding exercise?


I know I have, and the feeling is almost like you’re on a drug with no bad side-effects. If you haven’t then you really don’t know what you’re missing.


A 2015 study written about in the June 2017 article by Lydia Ramsey, a Business Insider reporter, said that endocannabinoids could be the source of the feel-good high after running a long distance. But no matter what the science is, the fact is that you will feel happy, relaxed, and recharged mentally after a hard workout.


Honestly though, don’t expect this ‘high’ to come the first time you exercise. For some, it may take months and others it might happen right away.


And by the way, how much work do you get accomplished when you’re happy compared to when you feel tired or stressed? Do you feel much more motivated after a workout? I know for me, I get much more done when my mind and body are in top condition.


Another warning is if you get winded after climbing three flights of stairs then you probably need to work an exercise routine into your schedule. Believe me, you’ll feel the difference physically and mentally after a few weeks of working out, your life will become happier and your productivity and motivation will improve noticeably.


Benefits of Exercise #5: Reduced Pain 

benefits of exercise reduce pain

Many of you may not know but I’m a victim of rheumatoid arthritis. It comes with pain, aches, and sore red joints. But with running, my pain goes away (at least temporarily). It’s one of the reasons among many why I love running. I’m also a competitive guy so I always gun for the best I can do, and the highest rank I possibly can get.


Do any of you experience chronic pain?


Many of you may have chronic pain or little aches here and there which bother you and possibly interfere with your work. I know mine does sometimes. One solution for you could be to exercise. See if your pain gets any better and if it doesn’t then at least tried.


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Benefits of Exercise #6: Competitive Mindset

benefits of exercise matt hutson running in surabaya

Matt Hutson running the 5k in the annual Surabaya Marathon.

As a runner, I’m not only trying to win the race but I’m also trying to beat my own personal record. This is similar to almost any other sport. You can even apply this to exercise by increasing the reps or duration of the exercise. Why is this even important for the improvement of your productivity and motivation?


Competitive people are usually gung-ho about improving themselves in order to be better than their opponents. People who are competitive have drive to accomplish their goals in a timely manner. One thing to remember, however, is that you still need to put quality over quantity into your work no matter how competitive you are. Don’t lose your edge just because you want to get ahead.


I personally love being competitive in all fun. You have to have a good attitude about life in every aspect even if you don’t get first prize. That just means you have to work harder to be up there on the podium next time.


Benefits of Exercise #7: Energy You Need to Succeed


My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s ninty-seven now, and we don’t know where the heck she is.

-Ellen DeGeneres


Energy is the essence of life. Without it, you can’t do anything. If you run out of it, you have to stop and rest. But with it, you can accomplish anything you want to as long as you still have the energy to continue.


Doing exercise will increase the duration you have enough energy to do what you please throughout your day.


Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Exercise

It feels great to be able to share my own personal experiences, failures, and successes with you. You can learn from the mistake I made earlier this week which was neglecting my own body and hopefully take in consideration about all the benefits you’ll receive from working up a sweat.


I hope these 7 benefits of exercise have helped you. If you’re an entrepreneur, business person, teacher or construction worker, whoever you may be, working an exercise routine into your weekly schedule will bring benefits to your life you would never have imagined before.


What exercises have worked for you and how did it affect your productivity and motivation? Leave your note in the comment section below. 


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