How Matt Hutson’s Grew From Nothing to Much Much More!

Matt Hutson grew up in the 1980’s in a middle-class family in a suburb of Portland Oregon, USA. He went through his primary, junior high, and high school years of his life fairly smoothly. Although not everything was perfect he managed to graduate from Portland State University with a BS in Liberal Studies.

Through this time he had a deep passion inside of him to want to help people grow as individuals and society. Yet, he wasn’t clear on how, what, or why he felt this way. He felt like there was no one to help kindle the fire inside his soul. He needed to find a way to bring out the motivation in people to succeed, but he didn’t even have that himself yet. This was many years before BookMattic was even a thought inside the head of Matt Hutson.

The Recent Past

He did the best he could by deciding to go off to Indonesia to teach English. In 2011 he jumped on a plane leaving everything he knew behind to chase a dream he didn’t know he had yet. Matt’s teaching experience was a wonderful way of building a foundation in teaching skills, basically how to help people get the most out of what they already have. He realized that teaching people is making a huge difference. He was happy with that for a while but after four years of teaching, he realized that there was still something missing. Something deep and passionate was growing in him. He wanted to make a bigger difference. He wanted to reach out to more people.

Around this time, he met his wife. She encouraged Matt to try making a business. He had no idea where to start. So one day he decided to buy a business book at the local bookstore called PeriPlus in Surabaya Indonesia. This book was a life-changer! It helped him to cultivate ideas and learn how to grow not only a business but as an individual. That was his clue as to how he could contribute to society as a whole.

At first, he was very skeptical. He was afraid of failure, a bit lazy, as well as not having an inkling of an idea about what he wanted to do.

The book he bought is called ‘Second Chance’ by Robert Kiyosaki. It changed his life. He had found his calling.

2015 was the year Matt Hutson began his journey to success. It’s the year he came up with the idea to create BookMattic.

Matt Hutson and books

Matt Hutson Now

Ever since reading that first business book back in 2015 Matt could not stop reading. Reading has been a major part of his life.

He puts what he’s been learning from reading into a plan and takes action on everything relevant, such as this website you’re looking at right now, The 6 Principles of Lifelong Learning Online Course which has the Powerful SPAR Framework. He also holds workshops and talks based on The SPAR Framework which he feels very passionate about since it’s a chance for him to get out in front of people and help them to grow with powerful knowledge and a fundamental foundation of lifelong learning.

Matt Hutson has a goal, a mission through BookMattic to help you hack books so you can work smarter and make more.

If Matt’s experiences have helped him build up his knowledge and courage to push forward and continue gaining growing for a lifetime, then, for sure, you can do the same thing.

This world can for sure become a much better place to live in for all of us if we build a foundation of lifelong learning. That is what Matt Hutson wants to achieve.

Your journey is far from over, same as Matt’s. He will never stop learning and improving until the day he dies. Matt hopes that his story can inspire all of you, whether your story is similar to his or not, to reach forward, gain knowledge, make a solid plan and take action. No matter what you do, if you commit yourself to lifelong learning, you can become a better you. Never stop making your life better.

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