8 Content Writer’s Blogs You Must Subscribe to Now!

You still need someone in your life to help you along, no matter where you are in this world, how old you are, or how you were raised unless you’re a pro and have been at blogging for years upon years. These 8 content writers blogs I’ve chosen for you will rock your world.


Even pro content writers need to continue learning about the ever-changing landscape of the internet and technology, daily. That means if you’re just starting out then you need to learn extra hard and keep on practicing the new blogging techniques you acquire.


That is why I’ve put together a list of 8 business content writers blogs ranging from big names like Forbes and Huffington Post down to more niche-specific sites like Blogging From Paradise, to help you out with your own blogging troubles. The list of blogs is in the order of frequency that I read them in. Meaning that the #1 blog on my list is one I practically read every day because his content is so amazing and detailed.


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I highly recommend reading at least one of these articles from any of these blogs every day. You will notice the increase in your blogging capabilities after just a week or two of reading these amazing blogs. Here’s my list.

Content Writer’s Blogs #1: https://neilpatel.com/blog/

Neil Patel's Logo

That doesn’t even touch the base of what Neil does for people. Every word that he writes is meant for you. His posts are long, usually 2,000+ words, but full of useful content. If you don’t believe me, just go to his site now and read his content. He is amazing! Neil Patel seems like an outgoing, hardworking but serious guy. He’s got a unique style that says ‘use it or lose it’. He’s my number one choice out of all the content writers blogs whom I read every day. He also writes ALL his own content. His mission is to help anyone to succeed at marketing themselves online.


There’s no doubt in my mind that if you read Neil’s blog that you’ll become more knowledgeable in creating content, SEO, marketing, tools of the trade and so much more. I can not say enough positive things about his blog. He is the number one place to go for help.


Also if you visit his website on your laptop, or cell phone, you can get a free analysis of your website’s performance ranking. I hope this tool can help you in the same way it has helped me. Realization!


Like I said before and will say it again, Neil Patel is the place to go for any of your blogging needs.

Content Writer’s Blogs #2: https://www.copyblogger.com/blog/

content writers blogs copyblogger logo

At number two is my second go to! It was seriously hard for me to decide whether CopyBlogger should be at the number one spot because similar to Neil Patel this blog has its major goal, and that is to help you achieve your marketing goals. The content is all free and available for anyone that wants to learn more about marketing.


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I love the tone that each post is written in, it’s got its own quality to it that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The use of graphics is huge on this blog too and very appealing to look at. So as you can tell, I’ve got plenty of great things to say about CopyBlogger and its writers.


Amazingly it started out as a one-man blog, then over time and through its clear set goal to help people, it kept on growing and eventually grew to dozens of people with an 8 figure annual revenue. Today, CopyBlogger is also known as Rainmaker Digital which you may have heard of before.

Content Writer’s Blogs #3: https://blog.hubspot.com/

content writers blogs hubspot logo

Marketing, sales, and success are the three categories this blog focuses on. The good thing about Hubspot is that there’s a wider focus on business in general with many great content bloggers at the helm of each post.


You can’t go wrong with the content on this blog, although personally I usually come to this site when I want to read about business in general, not necessarily blogging. It’s not as niche specific as Neil’s blog which is specifically for content marketing.


One other nice feature of Hubspot is that at the beginning of each post there’s an estimated reading time which makes it convenient for when you’re on a break and you know you only have 15 minutes so of course, you’re going to pick a post that reads under 15 minutes.

Content Writer’s Blogs #4 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/entrepreneurship

content writers blogs huffington post logo

Just look at each of the headlines and you’ll see how talented each of the content bloggers are. The headlines are so good that they draw you in without even thinking about it.Huffington Post takes a very personal approach to a very large team of content writers. It’s a very well known name yet it feels like when you read each post it’s mean just for you. That’s what I love about Huffington Post’s blog.


Did I mention that the content is out of this world? The people who write these articles must spend hours upon hours researching and writing their content just for you. That goes the same for me when I write my articles. Yes, I’m still growing as a writer, just being honest, but the most important thing here is that I write with heart, and I write content that is meant for you.


Not only that but there are many other categories on the blog as well such as politics, and lifestyle plus much more I’m not going to go into here. It’s a well-rounded site to visit. You can be informed on just about anything.

Content Writer’s Blogs #5: https://blog.bufferapp.com/

content writers blogs buffer logo

There’s no doubt that you can rely on this site to give you what you need to succeed. The online world is sometimes more cutthroat than the real world, so pick your tools carefully. Buffer is a great place to go to learn the tools of the trade for blogging and entrepreneurs. Here’s straight up quality content for you. It’s very similar to Hubspot and has loads of useful and quality content that you can rely on. Just like any of these other sites I highly recommend visiting this site to get a different yet equally useful opinion on how to present your content. I also like the content on this site because it’s highly specified. Meaning you can find anything about content, leadership, and marketing plus several more.

Content Writer’s Blogs #6: https://www.forbes.com/entrepreneurs/

content writers blogs forbes logo

And, just like Huffington Post, you can find many different topics on here. So if you’re not only in the mood to learn about entrepreneurs, you can also learn about anything else your heart desires. Alright, I’m amazed at this site, but also thrown back just a little bit because the approach is a little less personal than any of the others, but the content is just as good if not better than the others, but it’s lacking that personal connection any of the others have, but when you’re going out there onto the net to learn something about business Forbes is the most well known out of all of these sites I picked.

Content Writer’s Blogs #7: http://inc-asean.com/

content writers blogs inc. southeast asia logo

This site is similar to the others in the sense that all the topics are about business, content, leadership and so many other choices. Live in Asia? Well, this is a good go to because a lot of the content is catered toward entrepreneurs living in Asia. It’s a key advantage to study a bit about the culture you live in if you’re not actually from there. Like me, I’m from America but I live in Indonesia. So when I started a business here, I needed to make sure I knew the business customs of Indonesia.

Content Writer’s Blogs #8: https://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/blog/

content writers blogs blogging from paradise logo

I’m all for the personalized writing and Ryan Biddulph has got that down. He’s a bit more relaxed than Neil but still writes with a purpose and that is to help you through your blogging troubles and make the best of your blog so you can go travel the world.


I love how Ryan talks about his personal experiences so that we can connect with him like a loved story. He’s also got a podcast that you might be interested in listening to. Each podcast is very short so it doesn’t take long to pick up the tips he has to offer.


Besides having a pretty awesome blog, Ryan is just generally a very nice an helpful person.


Well, there you have it, a great list of 8 content writer’s blogs that I visit regularly to help improve my own blog. I highly recommend that you read at least one article per day. Make a habit of it. The results will amaze you.


And for those of you that have been at blogging or any sort of business for some time already know that there is nothing wrong with appreciating a competitor’s blog.


I highly encourage you to look at your competition so you know exactly what they are doing and how you can do it better. Learn from your competition and improve upon your own game.


Finally, if I missed any content writer’s blogs you think should have been on this list, please comment on your thoughts below.


Also, if you have a family member or friend you think will appreciate this post ‘share it’ with them on your favorite social media platform.


Always remember to share what you’ve learned with the people you care about the most.


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