Lifelong Learning is the Key to Success

The SPAR Framework

Study, Plan, Action, Repeat

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About Matt

Ever since reading his first nonfiction book back in 2015 Matt could not stop reading. It has been a major part of his life since.

Reading, as he discovered, is one of the fundamental aspects of being successful at whatever you do. He puts what he’s been learning from reading into a plan and takes action on everything relevant, such as this website you’re looking at right now, The 6 Principles of Lifelong Learning Online Course which has the powerful SPAR Framework.

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Lifelong Learning Online Courses

The 6 Principles of Lifelong Learning is the full-fledged online course designed to help you to get the most out of what you read so you can make a plan and take action!

Using The SPAR Framework which stands for Study, Plan, Action, Repeat you be able to remember what you read with proven strategies. Then take what you read and make a solid plan guided by Your BIG Goal. Lastly, you will learn how to take action on what you have planned.

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Lifelong Learning Workshops, Webinars & Talks

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The SPAR Personal Development Keynote Speaker

Getting yourself from point A to Z is very difficult especially if you don’t have a framework to help guide yourself with. In Matt’s Personal Development Keynote Speaker Program based on The SPAR Framework from The 6 Principles of Lifelong Learning Online Course, you will be able to hone your personal development skills to reach any goal you set your sights on.

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The SPAR Personal Development Workshop

This is The SPAR Personal Development Workshop designed to get you off your ass prepared with tools to apply what you learn and take action on it.

This workshop is the full-fledged live version of The 6 Principles of Lifelong Learning Online Course. It’s bound to help you and your organization to get the most out of each individual’s performance because it works on the fundamental aspects of learning, planning and taking action through The SPAR Framework.

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the spar personal development workshop
personal development live on zoom

The SPAR Personal Development Live On Zoom

Stay in the comfort of your own home, office, or school with The SPAR Personal Development Live On Zoom Webinar.

The SPAR Personal Development Live On Zoom webinar is the fundamental framework you, your team or your students need in order to have an advantage over anyone else who doesn’t know how to take what they learn, put it into a plan and take action. It’s based on The SPAR Framework from The 6 Principles of Lifelong Learning Online Course. Read on to find out about how you can use this program to your advantage.

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Having trouble keeping yourself accountable?

The SPAR Mastermind Accountability Group is designed to help you reach your daily goals. No more failing or procrastinating because you will have a group of close-knit people at your side the whole way. Here’s how it works.

Your Accountability Group’s Powerful Daily Habits.


Before 10am
  • Digital well-being from previous day and how you can improve it.
  • Your goals for the day. Be specific as possible.
Before 10pm
  • Share what you have completed.
  • Reflect on how you can possibly improve the next day.
Any time of the day
  • Reading reflection
  • Share your thoughts about something you read during the day and how you can possibly implement it in your life and make it a habit.


There are six focuses in your accountability group.


  • Your BIG Goal

    What is the project(s) you are working on right now? This is the type of project that might take a while for you to be able to accomplish.

  • Your Daily Plan

    What are the daily actions you are going to take in order to reach Your BIG Goal? These are the tasks your accountability group will hold you accountable for.

  • What You Read

    Daily reading is required in this accountability group. What is it that you’re reading right now to help you reach Your BIG Goal?

  • The Daily Takeaway

    Every day you will mention just one takeaway you will try to implement in your life. If there wasn’t one then you can mention something which made you think.

  • How You Implement It

    How are you going to use the daily takeaway in your life? Make a simple commitment.

  • Your Digital Well-Being

    In the morning of every day, you will share a screenshot of the Digital Well-Being tracker on your phone. You will then state what you can improve on whether it be less time on YouTube or more time on a productive app like Evernote or Google Docs.

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Nonfiction Book Promotions

Nonfiction Book Promotions

Marketing your book can be extremely difficult no matter whether you self-published your book or were published by a bigger publishing house. With BookMattic Nonfiction Book Promotions, you can get your book in front of the eyes of Matt’s growing list of over 19,200 Lifelong Learning Followers.

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Access to the Best Nonfiction Book List for each month.

Join 1,000+ subscribers to get Matt’s Free Framework for building a lifelong reading habit.

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