Your Accountability Group’s Powerful Daily Habits.


Before 10am
  • Digital well-being from previous day and how you can improve it.
  • Your goals for the day. Be specific as possible.
Before 10pm
  • Share what you have completed.
  • Reflect on how you can possibly improve the next day.
Any time of the day
  • Reading reflection
  • Share your thoughts about something you read during the day and how you can possibly implement it in your life and make it a habit.


There are six focuses in your accountability group.


  • Your BIG Goal

    What is the project(s) you are working on right now? This is the type of project that might take a while for you to be able to accomplish.

  • Your Daily Plan

    What are the daily actions you are going to take in order to reach Your BIG Goal? These are the tasks your accountability group will hold you accountable for.

  • What You Read

    Daily reading is required in this accountability group. What is it that you’re reading right now to help you reach Your BIG Goal?

  • The Daily Takeaway

    Every day you will mention just one takeaway you will try to implement in your life. If there wasn’t one then you can mention something which made you think.

  • How You Implement It

    How are you going to use the daily takeaway in your life? Make a simple commitment.

  • Your Digital Well-Being

    In the morning of every day, you will share a screenshot of the Digital Well-Being tracker on your phone. You will then state what you can improve on whether it be less time on YouTube or more time on a productive app like Evernote or Google Docs.

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