OCB is one of the biggest events in UPBA. Through OCB we actually create an impression on people and the pupils. This year’s OCB was really great as we invited Mr. Matt Hutson as the English speaker. He is an expert in using social media to promote the importance of gaining knowledge through reading in English. Mr. Matt stimulated the pupils to think critically about what they can and what they will do by mastering language, especially English. It made the pupils interactively speak up what is on their mind.

We truly love the methods and how Mr. Matt delivered the ideas to the pupils. By inviting Mr. Matt we got to know more about how we should learn language and push forward to prepare for our future. He taught us how to apply the adeptness of English. He also exhibited how English and technology is important nowadays and how we cannot just stay still without improving our language ability. Mr. Matt’s speech suited UPBA’s trait in improving language ability, ‘We learn by doing’.