Improve your confidence, stand out in a world of chaos in this self development workshop.


It’s time to improve yourself and the only way to do that is through making lifelong learning a daily habit. In this self development workshop I will be giving you the best tried tools so you can apply these in your life.


What you get in this self development workshop:

  1. Ice-Breakers
  2. The Benefits of Continually Learning and Growing
  3. How to Connect with Others
  4. Books Can Change Your Life
  5. How Having the Best Communication and Persuasion Skills Can Help You to Stand Out
  6. Public Speaking Skills
  7. Group Discussions and Presentations
  8. Feedback


Why you should hold a self development workshop

  • Open your mind to your own full potential
  • Improve your communication and public speaking skills
  • Learn how to connect with others around you
  • Commit to reading the best self development books so you can have the knowledge to stand out from others.
  • Defeat your fear of public speaking


One thing I’ve learned through my own personal experiences is that continuous learning and growing is the most important thing you can do in your life. Through this self development workshop like the others I’ve done in the past you will be able to open up your mind to your full potential. Rather than working for someone else your whole life and maybe doing something you don’t completely enjoy you CAN develop yourself so you can live the life you want to.


Duration of Self Development Workshop

3-4 hours


The Capacity

10-200 participants



Varies according to location. I am based in Indonesia. Just contact me through the form below and we can discuss the self development workshop in further detail.


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