Public Speaking Indonesia and the World

Do you want your audience to feel emotionally connected with the message of your speaker and take away a ton of useful information? Need an engaging guest public speaker or want to team up for an event? Well, Matt Hutson has had the experience you need to make a lasting impact on his audience. Matt is ready for public speaking Indonesia.


Matt Hutson started his public speaking career in May 2017 and has spoken about a wide range of topics mainly through his own personal experiences. He has spoken at Masjid Al-Falah, Muhammadiyah 10 school, UINSA and Petra Christian University among many more to come.


It is Matt Hutson’s goal to empower people to use their strengths and believe in themselves to make a bigger impact in their world.

public speaking indonesia

Matt Hutson’s Public Speaking Indonesia Topics

  1. Matt has a series of talks based on his blog series ‘Branding Yourself as a Public Speaker’ which he knows by the back of his hand. This topic is a must have at your next event and is very engaging and full of useful applicable content.
  2. One of his main hit talks ‘Six Tools For Amazing Presentations’ where he talks about using stories as a vehicle to carry your examples and hit the heart of your audience.
  3. Matt is an extremely motivational speaker who lights the fires in his audience’s mind through personalized stories and insightful tips. You may request any topic which suits your needs.
  4. And of course, Matt loves to talk about the benefits of reading which he will include in any of his speeches.


Hear from the people that have hosted the events Matt has spoken at. The testimonials are below. If you want to see his portfolio about the events he has spoken at, click here.

public speaking indonesia

When you’re looking for a public speaker for your event, Matt Hutson is the person you should hire for the job because he can connect with his audience and deliver a powerful message they won’t forget. He will motivate people about any topic to do with business, language, and even his personal experiences. He wants people to succeed so that this world can become a better and smarter place for everyone.


If you’d like to request Matt’s services as a guest speaker at your event, please fill out the Guest Speaker Contact Form below and Matt will return your message in less than 24 hours.

Briefly, describe your event and mention any further details you would like Matt to know about. He will email you within 24 hours.