80% of People on Earth Feel Stuck in a Daily Rut. Are you one of them? In this personal development coaching online program you will empower yourself through these Six Step Success Modules to live your life how you want.

Discover your purpose and build upon it in these Six Step Success Modules. This site is where you can get your personal development coaching online to realize your full potential.


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What you will get out of your one-on-one or group personal development coaching online?

Six Step Success Modules

Module One – Your BIG Dream (4 weeks, 1-hour per meeting, once a week) – $29.99

  1. Discover and visualize your big dream and purpose in life
  2. Write down your actionable goals to reach your big dream
  3. Write in a daily journal
  4. Get some required reading to help you develop yourself in all aspects of life: Health, Wealth, Business, Public Speaking, among others.
  5. Set your reading goals and write reviews and notes
  6. Discuss and receive feedback on your progress


Module Two – Public Speaking and Communication Skills (4 weeks+, 1-hour per meeting, once a week) $49.99

  1. Discuss the importance of communication and public speaking skills
  2. Learn how to prepare and deliver an amazing speech
  3. Prepare your own speech
  4. Present your speech
  5. Discuss and receive feedback about your progress
  6. Schedule your own presentation


Module Three – Turn Your BIG Dream Into a Reality – Business Development (4 weeks+, 1-hour per meeting, once a week) $99.99

  1. Set goals for building your own business or side hustle
  2. Decide what your services will be
  3. Learn about basic blogging and SEO
  4. Write your first 10 blog posts related to your services
  5. Create a website and blog for your services
  6. Continually read, write, and learn so you can take action to complete your goals


Why You Should Sign Up For This Personal Development Coaching Online – Six Step Success Modules

I’ve seen so many people live their lives and die without a purpose. You should be one of those people who live with a purpose and follows through with making your BIG Dream into a reality. Create something you and others around you can be proud of.


BONUS: If you order all three modules together, you get $30 off.


NOTE: I can also do this online training in person. I currently live in Surabaya Indonesia.


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