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Writing book reviews is something Matt has been doing since 2015. He enjoys it with a passion and it shows in the way he writes with heart and honesty. If he loves the book, he’ll praise it. Matt is the type of guy that likes to find positive aspects in all things even if he doesn’t care for the book that much, he’ll still say at least one good thing about it.


He is an expert at giving constructive feedback for any book he reads. Fill out the contact form below to get an honest book review for any of your books. Matt will then share his review for your book on the BookMattic Blog and all his other social media platforms as well as providing an Amazon link to help increase your book sales.


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Matt will review mainly business or self-help books but is open to reviewing any type of book other than Young Adult novels. Please contact him through the Book Review Contact Form below and he will return your message in less than 24 hours.

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