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17 January 2019


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Success Hangover: Ignite your next act. Screw your status quo. Feel alive again.

Whether you’ve been at the entrepreneurial game for a decade, just starting or you have a desire to start, Success Hangover motivates you to look outside your normal routine, adapt to new situations and prepare your own success toolbox for anything unexpected. This book makes you question your future so you can work on making it better now.


What I liked about Success Hangover

First I’ve got to say I’m so happy Kelsey sent me her book all the way from Canada. Her experience in the business field is amazing and it shows in the way she writes. It’s much better to read a self-help book from someone who is completely honest with you. That’s exactly how Kelsey’s writing is. Good thing she does it in a humorous way. At times I was laughing out loud because of her jokes. Everything in this book is relatable to most people and she tries to include different point of views.


What’s the point?


To survive one’s own success, one must engage in futureproofing. The notion of futureproofing is to break free from the rut: screw stagnation, come alive again, and start act two by collecting ingrdients.


You won’t get confused about this message. In fact, Kelsey explains futureproofing so well in many different ways its message will get engrained in your head. It’s clear and that’s exactly what I like in books.


Recommended Reading: Rethink Creativity by Monica Kang

The exercises in Success Hangover

Another fantastic thing about Success Hangover is the fact that there are meaningful exercises you can even print from successhangover.com for easy access and memory. I actually still have to work through a few of the exercises myself, but the ones I did do were very valuable. I’ve even got one of the exercise sheets hanging in front of my desk as a reminder to follow through with my goals. The exercises are made to make you think and hopefully create the present and the future you really want to live.


What I didn’t like about Success Hangover

The only thing I didn’t like was that, at times, the book was repetitive asking some of the same questions in different ways. It’s 230 pages long not including the pages for the exercises. This is a petty complaint which I shouldn’t be complaining about but if the editing process could have cut 30 pages from the body of the book it would have made for a tighter argument.


My Favorite Quotes from Success Hangover

Stuck in the missionary sex of my career. It’s decent. It counts. But it’s hardly memorable.


I’d beaten myself up for so long about not being good or smart enough, and non of those skills had anything to do with success as I define it, because there’s so much that school can’t teach.


It’s not us against the world, it’s us making the world a better place to live.


We must recognize when we’ve plateaued and build our next steps instead of waiting for them to appear. To build new steps, we must make daily adaptations away from our defaulted norm.


When what we have mastered becomes mundane, we feel pain. The antidote is pursuit.


Final Thoughts

Don’t get stuck in a rut. No matter how far you’ve worked your way up the chain, life should be a life-long learning journey. If you stop learning then you stop growing. If you stop trying new things then you stop being creative. Opening your mind to new experiences is a way to connect ideas from different fields in order to create new ones.


So start taking a different way to work, eating different foods or traveling to the place you’ve always wanted to travel. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, always remember to continuously adapt.


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  1. I agree that you have to adapt and change depending on the situation. A great example is this COVID-19 situation. In the United States, it has impacted the economy and many people financially. For me, I have to learn from this situation, adapt, and prepare financially for another event to happen like this in the next 10 years. This means for me to get at least a years expenses saved up in case an event like COVID-19 happens again.

    9 May, 2020 at 10:12 pm