How to Chill – A Book by Bryan E. Robinson, Ph.D.

11 June 2019


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How to Chill and Turn Off Your Job and Turn On Your Life

Thanks to JKS Communications for sending a proof copy of #Chill (How to Chill) by Bryan E, Robinson, Ph.D. There are useful stoic insights specifically for people who overwork. On many occasions, workaholics anonymous (the cousin of alcoholics anonymous) is a central reference. I didn’t even realize before reading #Chill that there is such a thing as workaholics anonymous. But this factor did not add or take away value from the main message of the book: How to Chill.


Although I personally didn’t give this book a high rating, mainly because of the structure which I’ll talk about below, I still say for people who are struggling with work mania, anxiety from too much work or stress this could be just the book you’re looking for. Being aware of your work-life balance (the main theme), ego, and emotions are all some of the biggest aspects we all need to improve on.


The Structure of How to Chill (#Chill)

The book is laid out month by month with short one-page takeaways for every day of the month. Supposedly you’re supposed to just read one of those each day and work on those takeaways. There’s also a handy chart in the back of the book that has one simple takeaway you can apply for each day of the entire year.  My problem with the writing was there were many repetitive takeaways said in a different way or with a different situation. I’m not the type of person who’d only want to read one page per day or possibly one chapter per month.


The takeaways are also very scattered. At one point the author is talking about meditation then the next is talking about what to do (or not do) on your holidays. The structure of the book had no fluidity between each chapter which, again, was the purposeful aim of the author but not my cup of tea. The structure, for me, made it hard to enjoy and apply the takeaways.


Although I didn’t like the structure the lessons on how to chill and create a work-life balance were valuable.


The Value of How to Chill

Don’t read this book unless you are in dire need of guidance on how to create more of a work-life balance. Read this book if you’re depressed or feel like you work too much. There is value in each takeaway. I was hoping for much more. But at least there were a few good gems I got from #Chill by Bryan E. Robinson. If you end up reading this book let me know what you think.


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  1. The cover made it sound great, but I do not want to waste my time if it is repetitive. Thank you for this.

    9 May, 2020 at 9:29 am