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25 October 2018


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The Heart of the Deal makes you want to get off your ass and work hard!

This book was pretty freaking amazing. I did not expect a real estate book to be so motivating. It literally makes you want to get off your ass and work hard. Just because the book says it’s about real estate doesn’t mean that’s the only thing to it. There’s so much more! There’s so much more heart involved. The Heart of the Deal by Anthony Lolli took me by surprise.


What I liked about The Heart of the Deal

Anthony Lolli writes about his childhood. He goes into detail about how he felt about life at the time and what he wanted to achieve by the time he was an adult. He took this one BIG GOAL which was to build a huge mansion for himself and his family. Through hard work, he turned it into reality, business smarts and perseverance. He made this promise not just to himself but also his mother.


See, his family was not wealthy and could not buy the things they really wanted. But what Anthony’s parents did for him was take great care of him. During his upbringing, they instilled the drive to work hard and respect the people around you. His father even kept on working after his retirement as a teacher and became a well-known entertainer in New York. People called him the Bird Man because he would drive and walk around town and allow people to take pictures.


The parts I loved the most were the parts where Anthony opened up about his life and gave great examples of how you can implement his work ethic and strategy. I learned that if you want to be successful like him you must get off your ass and work hard.

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The Three Most Important Takeaways Which Will Make You Want to Get Off Your Ass and Work Hard

1. Have a BIG goal and follow it up with short, medium, and long-term goals.

My tip to you and the one that the book offers is that any sort of action you take should bring you closer to reaching your humongous but reachable BIG goal. It’s important to actually get off your ass and write this shit down on a daily or at most a weekly basis. If you don’t write it down it won’t stick.


2. Get off your ass and WORK HARD!

You will not get anywhere in your life if you just sit on your ass. Literally, sitting on your ass playing games, drinking beer all night long while watching Netflix, or gossiping about the latest sports game is not going to get you anywhere. So be it, once in a while is okay to relax and rest your mind. You all need to do that sometimes otherwise you’ll eventually burn out. Most important is that you get enough sleep so that you can work the hardest when you have the energy and time to do so. If you want to be as successful as your BIG ambition states you must get off your ass and work hard.


3. Build up the right connections and reputation which are worthy of your BIG goal

Surround yourself with like-minded people who understand you. Be sure you have connections who are not afraid to tell you if you’re doing something they do not agree with. An honest and trustworthy connection will go a long way in business. If you find yourself surrounded by negative people it’s best just to distance yourself or completely cut them out of your life. You will have no room to mess around when starting your own business.


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What I didn’t like that much about The Heart of the Deal

As I’m not that into real estate, I found that I was not as engaged with the second half of the book which talked mostly about real estate. The writing is great (not dry at all), but the topic was harder for me. However, I’m grateful that I did read the whole book and know that if I ever decide to get into real estate investing that I can pull this book back off my shelf and refer to it. This is a book I’ll definitely come back to for inspiration.


Now Get Off Your Ass and Get Some Work Done!

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