At this event, Matt spoke about the Six STEPPS covered in the book called ‘Contagious’ by Jonah Berger. It was an amazing event with about 25 people from around Surabaya in attendance, all of whom were just starting out their businesses or interested in starting a business.

At first, Matt spoke about his journey to Indonesia and how his love for books came to be and briefly spoke about some of his favorite books that he’s already read which include ‘Start With Why and Bold’ Then he went into detail about Jonah Berger’s Six STEPPS to making your content, product, or service go viral. He was reiterating what he had learned through the book while adding his own personal experiences in the mix of how he’s applied these Six STEPPS in his own work.

The speech lasted one hour along with questions at the end. The reaction from the audience was well received. It was hosted by a business group at Masjid Al-Falah which meets weekly.

Below are a few pictures from the event.