I was extremely pleased to be the speaker and workshop master at Petra Christian University on the 5th of May, 2018. The audience and organizers of about 200 were grateful for the inspiration I gave them about giving an amazing presentation using stories as a vehicle to carry the speaker’s message.


During my presentation, I spoke about my own personal experiences of giving presentations throughout my years in school and university all the way up until current day at Petra Christian University. The main idea of using this structure is so that the audience could connect with me on an emotional level.

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Why were stories so important during my presentation at Petra Christian University?

Stories are important anytime. As research has shown, stories are what makes humanity who we are. At a few points in my presentation, I almost cried because of the emotion I put into it. When you use emotion your audience can see it and therefore connect with it or feel empathy for you.


The purpose of this presentation.

The purpose of my presentation was to inspire the students of Petra Christian University to not be afraid of speaking in front of people anymore. I did this by giving six tools the audience could use in any of their future presentations. Or even conversations. I also published my six tools in my blog post you can read here. The six tools for giving an amazing presentation are:

  1. Knowing your audience
  2. Knowing the venue
  3. Having a stage presence
  4. Having one clear purpose
  5. Telling stories
  6. Giving a call to action

My purpose was completely met through the students’ and organizers kind words given in their testimonial you can read here.



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Directly after my presentation, I gave the 200 students an activity to practice their public speaking skills. Each student received a topic they had never seen before and presented their topic for one minute in front of me and my team as well as three of their friends. My team and I then gave them immediate feedback on what they needed to improve. The workshop lasted for about an hour and a half.


This gave the students a chance to practice the six tools I gave them right after I had finished the presentation. It was very effective.



petra christian university

At end of the night, I judged five groups of student presentations giving each group feedback on everything about their performance applying the six tools I taught them earlier in my presentation.


My overall thoughts about the Let’s Speak Up Workshop at Petra Christian University

It was awesome to be able to get a chance to speak in front of these up and coming Indonesians. My hope is that I will get more chances like these in the future. So if you’d like to have me as a guest at your event please contact me through the form below. But first, check out this video from the event.

Briefly, describe your event and mention any further details you would like Matt to know about. He will email you within 24 hours.