LiterAksi 2018 was an amazing event where the youth of Indonesia learned how to become entrepreneurs.

It was such a pleasure speaking at LiterAksi 2018. Thanks to the NGOs I worked so closely with, Green Generation, Bangun Bangsa, and Aliansi Pelajar Surabaya run by the youth from Surabaya. They all did the best I have ever seen people so young do. During the event, I spoke alongside my fellow entrepreneur, Dom Hulme from The Hulme Way, about the importance of entrepreneurship, reading nonfiction, and business books. The main key I repeated to the 50+ youth of Indonesia who attended was to not just read, but to take what you learn from reading and put it into action. Hence the name of the event LiterAksi (Literature Action).


What Happened at LiterAksi 2018?

The event consisted of a one-hour talk show and Q&A. The host asked questions about my personal experiences with reading in the 21st century. I got a chance to share how much reading has had an impact on me. I even spoke about how I came to start BookMattic which you can read about on my ‘About Me’ page. how the youth of Indonesia can learn from reading not just books but from digital resources as well. There was a short break and then my good friend Dom got up on stage and spoke for a half an hour about his personal experiences with entrepreneurship.

youth of indonesia girl

The participants of the event were thoroughly engaged with both Dom and my talk. One participant, who was only 10 years old, asked a brilliant question about how she can go about following her dreams. After the event was over she came and took a picture with Dom and me.

youth of indonesia groups

At the very last part of the event, the participants got a chance to prepare a group presentation expressing their own thoughts on reading and entrepreneurship. This was a great experience for the youth of Indonesia as they got a chance to really explore the meaning of their life and how they can make Indonesia a better place.

The Youth of Indonesia Will Succeed

youth of indonesia mat and dom

Dom and I worked very well as a team to help motivate the youth of Indonesia to strive for more in their lives. I truly believe that Indonesia has such a big potential to become a world leader in innovative things and thoughts. Indonesia’s best bet is through nurturing the youths’ desire to achieve more. The best way to do that is through self-development and action.

youth of indonesia

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