Finding a good business book blogger can be hard, but now you don’t have to search much further.

I love writing about business books, nonfiction books, and even fiction books occasionally. There are many reasons why I choose to be a business book blogger. Down below I’ll let you know five of them.


Reason one: I love being a business book blogger because I can help other people to choose great books to help grow their business.

I can also help people to stay away from the ones which are not so good. It’s part of my mission to help more people to read and discover their own purpose in life. By reviewing books I can suggest books to more and more people through social media and people searching on Google. As this website and my following on social media grows (I especially love Instagram) I hope more people will pick up the books I suggest and do the things I recommend.


Reason two: I love being a business book blogger because it helps me to remember what I read.

If I ever forget about something in a particular book I can come back to my review of the book posted on this website to refresh my own memory. This is a selfish reason but it’s also good for you to know that it’s okay to be selfish if it doesn’t harm anyone else. If you want to get better at remembering what you read then I recommend checking out the post I wrote about how to better remember what you’ve read. The point about writing reviews about the books you’ve read is actually one of the points in that post.


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Reason three: I love being a business book blogger because It does not limit my exploration in content creation just to writing about books.

Just because I call myself a business book blogger doesn’t mean I only get to write about books. I can also write about any business topic or anything related to the book I’ve just read. That’s the most wonderful thing is that I’m not limited! And I don’t want to ever BE limited in anything I do. For sure I must stay true to my brand and theme. I’m just happy it’s not so narrow that I’d get stuck writing reviews my whole life.  I’ve got huge plans for the future and I’m sure you do too. So make sure to stretch yourself and try new things as much as you can. Do NOT limit yourself in any one area.


PS. One of my services I offer on this website is about public speaking and I’ve read quite a lot of books about public speaking. So, see, this business book blogger thing is turning out to be an exciting ride!


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Reason four: I love being a business book blogger because it motivates me to read more and apply what I read.

Since starting this blog in January 2018 I have doubled the number of books I read in a year. This is a major positive because then I can start applying the relevant takeaways from the books into my life and business. I don’t literally apply everything from all the books I read. If I did that, my life might be jumbled and confusing. So that said, it’s important to pick and choose which takeaways are most applicable to you and your business.


But before I started reading avidly in 2015 I was only reading science fiction and fantasy books. When reading those types of books application isn’t very relevant. But when reading nonfiction and business books there is nothing more important than applying the lessons that you read. I’ll repeat for emphasis, if you’re not applying the relevant takeaways from the nonfiction and business books you’re reading then you’re wasting your effort and time.


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Reason five: I love being a business book blogger because I get free books and I can build relationships with the authors or publishers.

This, of course, is a great reason to run your own business book blog and social media outlets. Getting free books in exchange for an honest review is helping the author and publisher out as well as anyone who lays eyes on my review or social media post about the book. It helps me big time as well since I’m gaining knowledge along the way.


I’ve also become good friends with several of the authors I’ve reviewed in the past. And building up these connections is one of the best things that could have happened to me. As I’m growing this business and making new connections things just keep getting better and better. Why not do something similar for yourself? It doesn’t have to be about books. Just follow whatever your interest may be and at least try turning it into a business.


If you’re an author or a publisher reading this post and you’re looking for someone to review your nonfiction or business book please contact me by filling out this form. You never know, we might even become friends.


That’s a wrap!

If you are looking into being a business book blogger, have just started, or have been doing it for a while please keep doing it. It really does make a difference what you’re doing. The way I look at it is if more people started reading books like we read then the world will become a better place than it is now.


Keep on doing what you’re doing!

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