Book Review

7 Steps to Have Young Joints Today – Book Review

Have you been experiencing joint pain? Younger Joints Today by Angela Cortal is a concise look into how you can improve the condition of your osteoarthritis. She gives you personal...More...

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Reframe the Day by Adam M. Lowenstein

Absolutely well written like a story engaging you through every page. Reframe the Day by Adam M. Lowenstein is amazing. He is a storyteller and is able to pass his...More...

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THISday by Philip Gabbard Book Review

The thing I loved about THISday by Philip Gabbard is its honesty. He did not conform to the traditional layout and spoke his mind as if writing in his journal,...More...

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The Content Fuel Framework 100+ Content Creations

The Content Fuel Framework has spunk and really teaches you how you can create 100+ pieces of content at once. Are you a content creator? If so, The Content Fuel Framework...More...

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SOLO: Survival Guide for Freelancers by Palle Schmidt

SOLO: Survival Guide for Freelancers by Palle Schmidt Solo by Palle Schmidt is a great introductory guide for freelancers. It was well written for anyone who is interested in starting...More...

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Alchemy For Life by Mark Bradford – Book Review

Alchemy For Life is a straightforward self-help book that will actually help. When Mark contacted me about reading and reviewing his book Alchemy For Life, I was pleasantly excited about it. His...More...

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Hustle by Neil Patel – Don’t Rent Your Dreams!

Hustle wisely! Hustle by Neil Patel, Patrick Vlaskovits, and Jonas Koffler was well written and motivational but lacked the specific examples about how to work hustle into your life. The main...More...

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Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks: Lessons for Grown Ups

Ever consider investing in stocks? Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks is the perfect introduction into the world of investing for both you and your kids. First of all, I want to...More...

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The Algebra of Happiness by Scott Galloway

The Algebra of Happiness is such a fun bluntly honest read. Have you read a fun nonfiction book? There are plenty of interesting, informative, and fun nonfiction books but none...More...

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