The Beginning of Matt Hutson’s Life

Matt Hutson grew up in the 1980’s in a middle-class family in a suburb of Portland Oregon, USA. he went through his primary, junior high, and high school years of my life fairly smoothly and moved onto university to graduate with a BS in Liberal Studies.

Through this time he had a deep passion inside of him to want to help people out, but he wasn’t clear on how, what, or why he felt this way. There was no one to help kindle the fire inside his soul to bring out the motivation in people to succeed because he didn’t even have that himself yet. This was many years before BookMattic was even a thought in the head of Matt Hutson.

The Recent Past

So, he did the best he could and decided that he wanted to go off to Asia, Indonesia specifically, to teach English in 2011 where he still is now. This, in itself, is a wonderful way of making a difference in people’s lives, so he was happy for the time being. After four years of teaching, Matt Hutson realized that there was still something missing. Something deep, passionate and growing. He wanted to make a bigger difference. He wanted to reach out to more people.

Around this time, he met his wife. One day (actually more than just a day), she encouraged Matt to try making a business. She encouraged him to buy a business book to inspire his ideas. At first, he was very skeptical. He was afraid of failure, a bit lazy, as well as not having an inkling of an idea about what he wanted to do.

Eventually, however, after months of reminders, Matt went off to the local bookstore and bought a copy of ‘Second Chance’ by Robert Kiyosaki. It changed his life.

2015 was the year Matt Hutson began his journey to success. It’s the year he came up with the idea to create BookMattic.


Ever since reading that first business book back in 2015 Matt could not stop reading. Reading has been a major part of his life. As of more recently, he put what he’s been learning from reading into action, such as this website you’re looking at right now, BookMattic, and even more recently several public speaking events which he feels very passionate about since it’s a chance for him to get out in front of people and share his passion, and knowledge with his audience while making a difference in their lives through his message.

Matt Hutson has a goal, a mission through BookMattic to spread the importance of gaining knowledge through reading so that you can empower yourself to make impactful changes in your life. He will gladly speak at your events on any appropriate topic and encourage you to use what you’ve learned to help improve your own life.

If Matt’s experiences have helped him build up his knowledge and courage to push forward and continue gaining knowledge, then, for sure, you can do the same thing. Even better, you can help the people you care about at the same time. If you do that then this world can for sure become a much better place to live in for all of us. That is what Matt Hutson wants to achieve.

Your journey is far from over, same as Matt’s. He will never stop learning and improving until the day he dies. Matt hopes that his story can inspire all of you, whether your story is similar to his or not, to reach forward, gain knowledge, and take action, you can become a better you. Never stop making your life better.