25 Business and Nonfiction Books I Will Read in 2018

Today I compiled a list of business and nonfiction books I really want to read in 2018. Whether I actually get to all of these books I’m not exactly sure. Also, I might change some of these business books out with newer books being released this year. It all depends on my mood at the time as well as what I really need to improve on.


For me, when choosing a book it’s actually pretty hard because I want to choose a book which will impact my life. I want a book which will give me the value I need at that moment in my life. This is such an important thing to consider when you choose any sort of business books or all genre of books for that matter.


Here’s my list in no particular order or importance of when I plan on reading these. I hope you’ll also find some books on my list that you can add to your collection. Click on any of the book covers you’re interested in and enjoy.


I’ve had my eye on this business book for quite a while now. The number one reason why I want to read this book is to learn more about the buyer’s psychology. This is a topic I’ve always been interested in.



I just finished The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and loved it so much I wanted to check out another one of his books. His writing style and storytelling makes the most important parts of the books very easy to understand and remember.


Plus I really need to get better at being productive. Don’t we all?



Robert Cialdini is an expert at persuasion! His business books have helped millions to improve their trade. It’s no wonder everyone raves about Influence.


One of the only things that will bring you to success is perseverance. Without perseverance, success is almost impossible. This is probably one of the business books every entrepreneur must read.



The cover itself is very attractive, don’t you think? Okay, I’m a people person, so I love learning about how groups succeed. What does it take to make a group succeed? That’s what I hope to learn from this book so I can do it myself.


Here’s the first nonfiction book on my list. Human history is extremely interesting to me and I’ve heard several wonderful reviews about this particular book. I’m definitely excited to read it this year.


And of course, there’s the ‘sequel’ of Sapiens where you learn about the futurist or predictions of what the future of humanity might look like. To me, this topic is so interesting. I’m curious what you think of it?


Just the title of this makes you want to buy it. Business books come in all different shapes and sizes. This one fits well with me since it’s written by a blogger and it’s about life. Ever since my first business book in 2015 I’ve been striving to learn more and more.


This does look like a good book to read to get a different perspective on life.



Influence which showed up at number 3. I’m a big fan of learning how to influence and persuade people. Who isn’t? 


Another plus is, I have this on my shelf ready for me to read.



I’ve been considering about picking this up at the bookstore every single time I go there. It’s a story about a North Korean woman escaping from North Korea. It seems like an empowering story and makes me wonder how it was possible for her to escape the worlds most secluded and dangerous regime government.



Of course, I will buy any of Simon Sinek’s business books. He’s one of my favorite and most influential authors and public speakers. I also want to improve my leadership skills.



I’ve always been interested in the life of prophet Muhammad. I actually got this book from a friend when he moved back to the US. His working contract was up here in Indonesia, so he decided to give me his collection of about 20 books.


This was one of the books which has been on my shelf for quite some time until this year. I’ve decided to take it off my shelf to read it. The reviews I’ve read for this book are quite amazing and truthful.



I actually started reading this book then stopped because I got a copy of Overcoming Acute and Chronic Pain in exchange for an honest review. I’m definitely going to read this book this year. The topic is speculating what the world would be like if there were no Islam. The major argument is that the world would actually be worse off unlike what some people in the West might assume.


This nonfiction book presents some thoughtful and valid questions as to why the US and Muslim dominated countries have less than friendly relations. It’s worth checking out.



Contagious, The Tipping Point are two of the books that referenced Made to Stick. I liked both of those books so why not pick this one up too. I personally love learning about how people think, specifically about buying products.



This book was recommended by my brother surprisingly, but I’m absolutely sure I will like this book for different reasons than my brother. One thing you should look for when choosing your business books is a balance. You should balance the variety of topics you choose that way you can have more of a balanced life between personal and business.



BookMattic is nowhere near the size of even a small company yet, but these type of business books interest me because I find value in learning how to make a company last for the long-run. If you’re going to do something you might as well make it last, right?



The primary reason for my interest in this book is because Neil Patel is one of the authors. I pretty much read his blog daily and I believe this is one of the first of his business books. Just for the fact that he had his hand in this book means it must have some quality to it, no matter what the topic is.



I absolutely love Carol Dweck‘s work on having the right mindset in all aspects of life. Mindset is one of the things you must have in order to succeed in life. I’m pumped up to read this book this year.



This book was suggested to me by my cousin, Desi, who is the communication coordinator for ForwardEdge.org. One of the best ways to interest people is by telling a story. So why not apply that to your business brand? Stories connect people. This is a topic I’d love to master.



This is a productivity book I must have. I find that sometimes I get easily distracted by what’s going on around me especially with phones and the internet just at the touch of a finger. On top of that, there are several people around me who have no idea how to focus. I hope that the tools I learn from this book can help me accomplish more in a shorter amount of time which in turn will help me to help others.



The whole reason why I choose this book is that I want to go for more. I want to achieve 10x if not more than my original goal. I might as well go for it! You’ll never achieve your desired goals unless you reach higher than your desired outcome.



Here’s a classic. Originally published 29 years ago, I’ve heard so many good things about this book. If the tools and habits in this book have lasted that long on the best selling business books list then it must be a must-read.



Just the title of this book makes me want to read it. About the content, I guess I’ll just have to find out when I read it.



This just came out in January 2018. It must be packed full of useful and up to date tips for entrepreneurs. The crazy thing about business books is the content in them can easily become outdated especially if the topic is about technology or social media. I haven’t read any of Vaynerchuk’s books, but I have seen his videos and I love his straightforward honesty. Personally, I feel like brutal honesty is what I need to push myself forward.


On top of that, this is a book everyone is talking about now.



Tim Ferriss is a very well known name now in the entrepreneurial world. I’ve heard tons of great things about his books, so I managed to pick this one up last week and will be my own judge about how good this book is. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.


That’s the list!

I hope you found some of these business books to your liking.

If you’re more interested in business books releasing this year I found a good list of some of the most anticipated ones.


Until next time!

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